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20 RenMin Lu
Dali Old Town, Yunnan, China

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For kayaking novices, there are opportunities to for tranquil day trips around Dali.

 Climb Dali - ErHai Kayaking

ErHai Lake Kayaking (250RMB / Person): ErHai lake is a 700 square kilometer freshwater lake that sits at the foot of the CangShan mountains, and occupies the majority of the Dali valley. ClimbDali offers half-day guided kayaking tours of the eastern shore of ErHai, taking in the NanZhao folk island and surrouding villages. For more intrepid kayakers, we offer a guided crossing of ErHai (from XiZhou to ShuangLang), with a recommended overnight stay in ShuangLang. Return to Dali via minivan or bicycle (45km).

China Sea Kayaking

Yangbi River Kayaking (250RMB / Person): In and around the rainy season, the Yangbi river swells and it is possible to enjoy a 3-5 hour rafting ride, through villages, rice paddies, and under a 400-year old suspension bridge that still receives some horse caravan traffic.