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20 RenMin Lu
Dali Old Town, Yunnan, China

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Rock Climbing Trips / Courses / Holidays

Regardless of your level of experience, Yunnan is a great place to rock climb. There are a handful of great locations, including several here in Dali. We offer a variety of climbing trips, courses, and holidays for all levels of experience, tailored to your needs, budget, and available time. All of our guides are well-trained, and our equipment is UIAA-certified. Safety is our #1 Priority, followed closely by your satisfaction. We invite you to browse our programs, and if you can't find anything that suits you, let us know and we will create a customized program just for you!

If you're stuck for entertainment on a rainy day or you aren't ready to commit to climbing outdoors, feel free to stop by our Boulder Bar in Dali Old Town for a climbing session on our artificial wall.  

If you're an independent climber looking for information on climbing in Dali / Yunnan / China, you can find it here.

Shuanglang Rock Climbing - Climb Dali

Most of our programs are flexible. You can choose the location, as well as which activities you'd like for us to include. Biking and Climbing? No problem! Hiking and Climbing? No problem! Hiking and Biking and Kayaking and Climbing and Abseiling? No problem! Don't let the fact that you've never climbed before discourage you from trying!

* Beginners can view a list of our Climbing Trips and adventures.

* Experienced climbers can browse our several Climbing Courses.

* Our Climbing Holidays take in the best of China and Yunnan.

* We also sell gear and Rent Equipment.

Contact us for more information, rates, etc. You can also use our forum to try to meet other travelers, and arrange a trip together!