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20 RenMin Lu
Dali Old Town, Yunnan, China

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Schools / Groups / Corporate

Between the 4000m Cangshan Mountains and the pristine 250KM2 ErHai lake lies beautiful landscape, traditional villages, and rustic guesthouses, which together comprise the perfect setting for a school trip, corporate retreat, or group expedition to Dali and Northwest Yunnan. Thanks to a newly-renovated airport, train-line, and highway, getting here is now more convenient than ever! 

We work with our local partners to accommodate large groups (10-50), and to plan customized itineraries based on age, interest, ability, time-frame, and budget. From multi-day adventure programs to overnight treks to orienteering and team-building sessions, to a combination of the outdoors and community service and culture, we are sure that we can develop a program to suit your needs. The goal for all of our programs is not to turn people into environmentalists or build effective leaders. Simply, we want everyone to have a good time, and to go home feeling like they enjoyed themselves.

Student Group in Dali

ClimbDali has hosted groups from some of the largest international schools in China (and some of the smallest!), college-age exchange students, high school and gap year students, as well as groups of adult travels from China and abroad.

While all of our group programs are designed to promote fun, we also are both happy and able to incorporate an educational component into the trip. For example, our group orienteering course aims to provides participants with basic navigational skills, including how to read a topographic map and how to correctly use a compass. Our group kayaking activities feature a handful of games, but also incorporate instruction on paddling technique and rescue scenarios. With safety in mind, our rappelling program enables novices with zero previous experience to successfully abseil down to the bottom of a 25 meter bridge. Upon demand, we can also arrange instruction from a certified guide in wilderness first-aid and basic wilderness survival.

Abseiling in Shaxi Dali China

Past service projects, meanwhile, have ranged from the simple (such as litter removal and tree-planting) to medium (carrying out english lessons in local primary schools) to the complex (designing and building a playground for a local village). We have experience designing both short-term (1-day) and long-term (1-week+) projects, and are happy to entertain any suggestions that you might have.

Climb Dali - Service Projects - Teaching English
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To our corporate clients, you won't hear about leveraging your strategic capabalities and monetizing your latent potential, or other buzzwords that carry little meaning and only serve to make you think that you are getting more than what you paid for. We believe that our programs are beneficial and even educational, but we're not here to beat you over the head about leadership or self-improvement. Our trips are about creating a comfortable environment, so that participants can enjoy themselves , and hopefully get to know their colleagues a little better. We love to incorporate team-building exercises - not because they promote time management skills or running effective meetings - but because they are social, and above all else, fun!
Climb Dali - Group Bike Ride
We hope that you will consider ClimbDali when planning your next group outing! For more information, specific itineraries/programs, and our group rates, please Contact Us.