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Dali Old Town, Yunnan, China

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Climbing Holidays

The founders of Climb Dali have been rock climbing in China since 2004. We know all of the best areas for rock climbing and all of the best crags, and take pride in planning comprehensive rock climbing vacations for those that are keen to spend more time on the rock and less time buying bus tickets and booking hotel rooms.

Yangshuo Rock Climbing

 While the focus of our rock climbing trips is, well...climbing (duh!), there will be opportunities for other activities, like cycling, kayaking, and some light trekking. There will also be (limited) opportunity for cultural excursions, since let's face it: you came all the way to China, and you need to show your friends that you did something more than just climb rocks all day. And of course, there will be plenty of great Chinese food!

Lunch in DaliAll of our climbing packages are fully cutomizable. We designed the itinearies below in order to spend the least amount of time in transit. If there is a particular crag/region that you are interested in visiting (or that you want to spend more time at) that isn't on the list below, let us know and we'll see if we can squeeze it into the itinerary. If we can't make it work, we'll be happy to recommend another guiding service that can assist you.

Finally, while it's assumed that you have at least some experience (gym climbing, perhaps), it's not at all necessary, and our trips are designed to suit all level of climbers, from beginner to advanced.


Yunnan Climbing & Trekking (11 Days)

Yunnan is the home of ClimbDali, and in this trip, we share the best of the region's climbing with you. From FuMin Canyon in Kunming, to the ShuangLang cliffs in Dali, to the rolling sandstone faces near Lijiang, to the massive stone walls (no climbing here, only walking...) of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, we will take it all in.

Day 1: Arrive in Kunming. We will stay here for only one evening, just enough time to take in the Flower and Bird market, Green Lake Park, and to enjoy a great dinner of traditional Yunnan food.
Day 2: Van out to FuMin Canyon, a limestone climbing area outisde of Kunming. Spend all day rock climbing, choosing from 15+ crags and nearly 100 routes, before retiring in town for a local meal and some sleep.
Rock Climbing in Fumin Kunming 
Day 3: We will take a horse-cart from the guesthouse back out to the crags and continue climbing. We have a scheduled rest day tomorrow, so you can push yourself hard. At night, we will take a sleeper train over to Dali

Downtown DaliDay 4: Rest day in Dali Old Town. Enjoy great food and a pleasant atmosphere at this mountain town, with the option to do either a hiking or cycling excursion and a Tea Tasting.

Day 5: Today we'll head over to ShiMenGuan Gorge, on the other side of the CangShan Mountains from Dali, for some hiking, climb, and bouldering. The rock is granite, the holds are small, and the location is stunning.
Day 6: Van to the Shuanglang cliffs, Dali's main climbing area. Choose from more than 20 routes, 5.7 - 5.13, all of which feature spectacular views of Erhai Lake.
Climb Dali China Rock Climbing Holiday
Day 7: Today, you can choose between more rock climbing, kayaking, cycling, or just cozying up with a book and a coffee and soaking up the amazing atmosphere at our lakeside guesthouse! At night, we will head over to some nearby hot springs for a soak and a swim.
Liming LaoJun Shan Trad ClimbingDay 8: Van to LaoJunShan National Park, known for its ethnic and biological diversity, as well as for its photogenic (and climbable!) sandstone rock formations.
Day 9: Begin hiking the high trail of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, perhaps the most famous trek in China. The gorge is more than 3KM deep and is braced by the 5,500 snow peaks of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. We will spend the night at the Halfway Guesthouse, which serves up a delicious apple pie and whose bathrooms offers the nicest views (their claim) of any in the world.
Day 10: Finish hiking the high all trail, all the way down to the narrowest part of the gorge and the raging rapids. Climb the 'Sky Ladder' back up to the road, and take a van back to civilization (Lijiang). Tonight, we'll celebrate a successful trip with some spicy SiChuan (aka Szechuan) food.
Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge
Day 11: Spend the morning exploring the old town and doing some souvenir shopping, before it's off the airport, and back home or onward to your next destination. Seeya next time!
Yangshuo Climbing Tour (9 Days)

Yangshuo Wine Bottle Rock ClimbingThis tour is co-operated with our partner in Yangshuo, the Sunny Sky Rock Climbing Club. Managed by A-hui (Sky) one of the pioneers of rock climbing in Dali, this trip will begin and end in Yangshuo, China's very own world premier rock climbing destination. There are 500 routes spread across 40 crags, many with breathtaking views of the karsts that sprawl in every direction as far as the eye can see.

Day 1: Arrive in Guilin City and take a van to Yangshuo. Spend the rest of the day exploring Yangshuo by foot and bicycle, including a trip to the "secret beach." That evening, we will enjoy dinner at Yangshuo's best local restaurant.


ClimbDali - Approaching the Crag in Yangshuo

Day 2: Get acquainted with Yangshuo rock climbing by warming up at the Baby Frog, a small crag set in a quaint village next to the YuLong River. When the sun strikes the crag, we will head directly over to the river for a swim and some lunch. In the afternoon, we will cycle along the YuLong River and make a loop back to Yangshuo.
Day 3: Head out to The Egg, a massive crag with 3 distinct faces, set amid the rice paddies.
Day 4: Take a break from climbing and hike to XingPing, a picturesque river town that was the inspiration for the 20-Yuan note.

Climb Dali - Yangshuo Caving

Day 5: Spend the day rock climbing at the nearby XingPing crag and at night, camp along the Li River under the stars.

Day 6: Caving Adventure in XingPing. Hike and repel your way through a long underground cavern.

Day 7: Hike up to Moon Hill for some hard overhanging climbing and the best views of Yangshuo. Afterwards, we will move over to the Twin Gates for a picnic lunch and some more climbing. For those that are interested, there is an enjoyable multi-pitch route here which finishes on top of one of the karsts!

Climb Dali - Yangshuo Climbing

Day 8: We will finish our trip at the Wine Bottle, Yangshuo's best all-around crag, with more than 40 routes from 5.7 to 5.11c. Here's your chance to really push yourself and see how hard you can climb! That evening, we will celebrate our trip with a Yangshuo staple: Beer Fish.

Day 9: Unfortunately, the trip is over. We will take a van back to Guilin City, from where you can fly back home or onward to your next destination.
ClimbDali - Yangshuo Abseilling