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Office Phone:
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20 RenMin Lu
Dali Old Town, Yunnan, China

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Boulder Bar

The ClimbDali "headquarters" and bouldering bar is located in the heart of Dali old town, on RenMin Road. The bouldering wall is open to the public, at a charge of 15 yuan per person (+10 yuan for shoe rental). It is on the second floor of Goodfellas Restaurant (which happens to serve the best pizza in Dali!).

Climb Dali Bouldering Wall

At any given time, the bouldering wall usually has a few dozen "problems," marked out with tape. While we try to update the wall every few months, setting new routes is time-consuming and we appreciate anyone who wants to come and help out. When we're not out climbing, we tend to spend most of our time on the bouldering wall, training and just having fun. For anyone interested in training and/or improving their technique, there is a campus board and pull-up station. We love people who are enthusiastic about climbing - especially first time climbers; come on by for some free instruction!

Climb Dali Pizza

Our club also features an organic garden, shaded outdoor patio, hammock, music, and pool table. It's a great place to hang out when resting from climbing. We also have a couple beds available for employees, volunteer bolters, and climbers that want to extend their stay in Dali.